Pressure Breaker Vacuum Assembly

A typical PVBA

The PVBA is acceptable backflow protection of the public water system for low health hazards only. A PVBA may be used where there is only the possibility of back siphonage backflow. If there is any possibility of back pressure backflow, they will not provide backflow protection.

Before installing any backflow assembly, the owner should contact a state certified, licensed, bonded, and insured backflow assembly technician, such as those here at BATMASTER, 425-397-0275, to make sure you, (1) have a Washington State approved assembly, (2) know the installation requirements, and (3) to prevent costly mistakes.

PVBA cutaway

PVBA’s are not typically used in the northwest, and are not practical because of their installation restrictions and tendency to spill water when opening and closing shutoff valves, but occasionally you will see one